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ASG 29E scale glider by Top Modeltehnik, made in Europe. This fully composite aircraft comes with full scale cockpit and retractable landing gear. Wings are made up from carbon, glass and Herex for stiffness and strength. RC functions are elevator, rudder, ailerons, flaps, airbrake and retractable landing gear. WINGSPAN 5 metre LENGTH 1.780metre WEIGHT 7.5kg

Product Description

ASG 5m

 …real one…
In its very first season the ASG 29 high-performance single-seat sailplane ran up numerous successes at National and World Championships level in the FAI 18-metre class and also – with the shorter outboard wing panels – in the FAI 15-metre class. The innovative wing structure and high aspect ratio gives the ASG 29 a very distinctive appearance.

 …our model…
Our model of the ASG 29 is drawn up to 1 : 3 scale, and is supplied in finished form, just awaiting the installation of the RC components. The white GRP fuselage features all essential internal fittings and connections as standard. The cockpit includes scale details such as safety harness and stick, and is complemented by the factory-fitted canopy with sliding window. The wings are of hollow-moulded GRP / CFRP sandwich construction, and are attached to the fuselage by means of a scale CFRP / steel spar joiner.

The outstanding features of the 5 m version of the ASG 29 are its high-end construction and superb flying characteristics for thermalling and aerobatics.
You will get here a great all molded scale reproduction, high performance scale glider. High aspect ratio wings, giving great L/D, smooth handling, great thermal capability. Nice on tow or slope, it can be also winched from a good TD winch.

Set contents

  •   CFRP / GRP fuselage painted in acrylic white color
  •   Ready-made four-part GRP wing panels, CFRP-reinforced, painted in acrylic white color
  •   Rectangular carbon wing joiner in hybrid carbon spar
  •   Factory-fitted 350 mm airbrakes
  •   Camber-changing flaps with hinge seal
  •   GRP rudder and tailplane
  •   GRP winglets
  •   Retract unit installed in fuselage
  •   Vacuum-moulded canopy bonded to frame, trimmed to fit fuselage recess
  •   Factory-fitted canopy latch
  •   Fully fitted, detailed cockpit, integral instrument binnacle
  •   Wing joiners, linkage components and various small hardware items
  •   Multi-lingual illustrated instructions

Wing Span: 5.0 m (197″)
Length: 1.78 m (70″)
Wing Area: 87.7 dm2 (1359 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 2.5/14/11
Wing Loading: 85.0 g/dm2 (28 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5lbs)