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Digital battery checker use for Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ferrite, Nickel Metal hydrate batteries.
· Easy to measure battery condition
· Graphical indicator shows easy recognition of the battery capacity (Not accurate capacity, only as an aim
· By giving a load to the battery, it actually shows more accurate measurement of the voltage on battery. (For Ni-MH battery)
· Capable to measure the each single cell voltage and cell difference voltage between highest and lowest.
· Anti Reverse connection protective circuit integrated

[Conversion compatibility]
Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydrate) 4-8 cell
Voltage measurement range : 3.5-12.2V

Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) 2-7 cell
Voltage measurement range : 3.5-31.5V

Li-Fe (Lithium Ferrite) 2-7cell
Voltage measurement range : 3.5-31.5V