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  • NZ$229.00
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Overview One of the best RC plane trainers just got better! For beginning or intermediate pilots, the Seagull Boomerang 40 V2 Model Plane is outstanding. Features Comes 90% prebuilt from quality components All the hardware you need is included (wheels, tank, pushrods etc) Easy to fly, with great self-righting characteristics thanks to the symmetrical airfoil and great revised V2 design Durable and repairable lightweight balsa and plywood construction Suitable for electric conversion Wing Span 1550mm (61") Weight 3300g Engine .40 - .55 Two Stroke (not included) Radio Minimum 4 Channel 4 Standard Servos. (not included) The bar has been raised with the Boomerang 40 II. If you are about to start your RC plane adventure, or you have already developed your basic skills, the Boomerang 40 from Seagull is a fantastic model for you. Maintaining the high standards of its predecessor, the Version 2 Boomerang 40 now offers you more customisation options, including the ability to incorporate either a nitro engine or an electric motor. You can also choose between tail-dragger or trike landing gear. With its striking colours and ease of assembly, this model plane now gives you more customisation options while maintaining its position as a superb trainer for emerging pilots. What you Need Engine. We recommend the Thunder Tiger .46 Pro Radio. We recommend the JR XG6 4 standard servos. We recommend the JR ES539 servos (JRES539) Battery. We recommend the Eneloop 6V Hump Pack (5/HR-3UTG HMP-JR) Propeller. We recommend the APC 11 x 6 Glow Propeller (APCLP11060) Switch Harness. We recommend the JR Propo 3 wire Rx switch harness (JR04502) Starter Equipment. We recommend the ty1 High Torque starter (17-5034) and Ming Yang Glow Driver with charger pack (140-1T Fuel Pump. We recommend the Hangar 9 Ultra Fuel Pump (HAN155) .

Wingspan : ...................155cm. 

Wing area : ...................39.5dm2.

Weight : ...................2.6 - 2.8kg.

Engine 2-stroke. 4-stroke.

Radio :....................4 channel with 4 digital servos.

Flying skill level:..............Sports Trainer.